Audio Precision Switchers, Filters & other modules - available from TTi in the UK and Eire

Separate Functional Module Products

SWR-122 Switchers

DCX-127 Multi-function module

SIA-2322 Serial Interface Adapter

Noise Weighting Filters






   SWR-2122 Switchers

 Balanced (XLR) and Unbalanced (BNC) connector versions available.

 Patch point versions insert generator and analyzer at patch point.

 Crosstalk -140 dB @ 20kHz, balanced.

When more than two channels must be measured, a series of high performance audio routing switchers are available. The series SWR-2122 audio switchers expand the input and output of System One and System Two. They are available in 2x12 formats with various connectors to suit specific applications and up to 16 switchers may be cascaded to handle up to 192 inputs and outputs. Typical uses include multi-channel audio testing or production fixtures with multiple devices or channels to be accessed.

   DCX-127 Multi-function module

 Consisting of a 4 digit dc voltmeter-ohmmeter, two 20 bit programmable dc voltage sources, 21 bits of digital I/O, and three 8-bit programmable auxiliary output ports, the DCX forms an interface tool kit of frequently- requested non audio functions and interface which may be required in conjunction with typical audio test applications.

   SIA-2322 Serial Interface Adapter (Now Discontinued)

The SIA-2322 connects externally to the System Two or System Two Cascade Dual Domain analyzers, providing a flexible means of interfacing the System Two to serial formats typical at the chip and circuit board level as well as to a variety of data acquisition, conversion and communication hardware that utilizes various serial protocols for the exchange of data. (For System Two and Cascade only)

   Noise Weighting Filters

A series of noise weighting filters that can be plugged into Audio Precision instruments allow measurements to various standards.


Audio Precision offers a full line of accessory products for its products, including:
 Roll-around Anthro Carts.
 Digital and analog Audio Interface cables.
 Measurement Microphones.
 Rack mounts.
 Test discs.
 Extended Warranty Options

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